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    Corporate & Social Events

    Whether it’s business or social, it’s easy to impress your guests, clients or staff in our newly remodeled venue and its perfectly paired modern amenities. Share a fun celebration. Or create an incredible conference. No matter the event, we have you covered with everything you need for success. Time for cocktail hour? Not a problem. Unlike most venues, we offer a nicely stocked, built-in bar called The Mill Tap Room right in our venue. So take the guess work out of your next event with The Mill Event Center. We’re confident you’ll be thrilled!

    We love to host-
    • Corporate Events
    • Conferences
    • Workshops & Seminars
    • Team Building
    • Fundraisers
    • Anniversaries
    • Holiday Parties
    • Birthday Parties
    • Reunions
    • Graduations

    What we will happily Provide:

    • Assistance in planning your event setup.
    • All your tables and chairs, including setup and teardown.
    • Use of our commercial kitchen for your caterer to use as a staging area to supply food for your event.
    • Parking space for the food truck(s) of your choice.
    • Use of our Four-Season Patio.
    • Surround-sound audio and HD-1080p projector with projection area – everything easily connects to your digital devices.
    • Free, high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the event center.
    • Access to The Mill Tap Room, our nicely stocked bar area with a full waitstaff for your adult beverages. We even offer a 14-tap craft beer system – the county’s largest selection of craft beers at an event venue! Please note that all alcohol must be purchased through The Mill Event Center’s bar.
    • Use of two smaller, private rooms.
    • Free parking.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How many people can you accommodate?

    It depends on the type of event you want to host. For a seated meal, our ideal capacity is 225 people.  If you don’t need formal seating, we can handle 300+ guests. The number of people we can accommodate will also change, depending on whether you are using a stage, or whether you are hosting an event like a trade show.

    Can I choose my own caterer?

    Yes! We welcome the caterer of your choice, or we can give you some suggestions. We’ve worked hard to provide the amenities your caterer will need, including your caterer’s use of our licensed, commercial kitchen for holding, warming and serving your food. Please note that The Mill Event Center does not provide its own catering services, so we will work with you to find one that meets your needs.

    Can I prepare my own food in the commercial kitchen? Or, can my caterer prepare food in the kitchen?

    Unfortunately, it’s a “no” to both questions.  Due to health regulations, you cannot prepare your own food, but we will happily work with you to find a caterer for your event. Neither you nor a caterer can prepare food in the kitchen, but you can use the kitchen for holding, warming and serving food.

    What about extras I might need such as linens, table decor, etc.?

    You are welcome to provide and bring in all the extras you will need, rent table decor from The Mill or we will happily work with Party Plus in Lancaster to secure the items for you.

    Can I decorate the space?

    We’ve found that many people choose not to add decorations because the event space is so beautifully decorated already, but you are welcome to customize the space to create the atmosphere you envision!

    Can I have flame candles in the venue?

    Unfortunately, flame candles are not allowed in the venue.

    Can I bring my own alcohol to the event?

    Unfortunately, no.  All alcoholic beverages must be purchased through The Mill Event Center. The good news?  You’ll have access to the Mill Tap Room, a fully staffed, nicely stocked bar that includes hard liquor, wine and 14 craft beers on tap, plus your own personal bar staff!

    Can The Mill Event Center provide non-alcoholic drinks?

    Yes.  We have fountain service ($2.50 per person) that includes Coca-Cola products, iced tea, coffee and water.

    Can I park a food truck in the parking lot?

    Of course.  We want you and your guests to enjoy food that suits your tastes and event needs.

    What does the sound system and Audio/Visual system include?

    We know how agonizing it is when a special presentation doesn’t happen because you don’t have access to the right equipment.  The event center is equipped with superior surround-sound speakers throughout the event space, an HD 1080p projector, wireless microphone, and high-speed Wi-Fi. And, it’s all FREE with your rental fee.

    Can I hook up an iPad, computer or other personal device to your sound and A/V systems?

    Everything is professionally installed so you can easily connect your devices, but check with our Facility Manager prior to the event to verify compatibility.

    Is there Wi-Fi in the event center?

    You’ll discover high-speed Wi-Fi throughout the entire center.

    Does the event center help with setup and teardown?

    Yes.  Our professional event staff will handle all of your set up including decor. We also provide all of the teardown too!

    Is there free parking at The Mill Event Center?

    Yes. There is parking at The Mill Event Center and at nearby businesses, along with street parking. We can provide specific instructions to give to your guests.

    What about restroom facilities?

    Our restrooms are clean, brand new and beautifully decorated, with plenty of space for your guests.

    How far ahead do I need to reserve my event?

    It depends on the size and date of your event.  Larger events on the weekends fill up quickly and should be booked as soon as possible. Our facility’s event manager can work with you to get your event booked, but sooner is always better than later.

    What is your smoking policy?

    There is no smoking in the event center.  Smoking is only permitted in designated areas.

    Is the event space handicap accessible?

    Yes. We only want the best for all our guests.

    What kind of down payment do you need to reserve my event?

    50% of the base venue rental is due to book and hold your date.